Anonymous ASKED:
I read that Hyunjin is married to a girl.. Is that true, or is just a really bad joke?

sorry, i can’t answer this for sure!! whether he is or not, it’s his life and his decision, so let’s just be happy for him if it’s true (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

130913 ► LU:KUS 동현의 셀프카메라~! LU:KUS Donghyun’s Self-Camera

LU:KUS’ Leader is Haewon (J.ONE) 

130717 ► LU:KUS 아무연습 LU:KUS Dance Practice


hello this is hyun ^^
x-five is going on hiatus from today, July 5th, to July 28th!
i’m going on vacation today and will probably have no time to update here ~o~ i’ll catch up when i get back home~
thanks for reading!